The Philly Chocolate Tower hailed as one of the most decadent Desserts


Philadelphia is the ultimate eating town. Any visitor who comes to Philly must have a cheese steak, a soft pretzel and now The Philly Chocolate Tower

Philly Chocolate Tower
The Philly Chocolate Tower, hailed as one of the top ten desserts in Philly.

The Philly Chocolate Tower hailed as one of the most decadent Desserts in the city by Zagat. We take a Rice Crispy Treat, coat it in chocolate as the base. Next up is a Chocolate Chip Cookie, Totally chocolate covered. We follow that up with an Oreo completely coated in chocolate. Level four features a marshmallow coated in chocolate. The top of the tower is a Peanut Butter Cup adorned with a  chocolate wafer and a garnish.  We then spot weld them all together using chocolate. Got all of that? 

  1. Rice Crispy Treat
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie
  3. Oreo
  4. Marshmallow
  5. Peanut Butter Cup
  6. Adorned with a  chocolate wafer and a garnish
Philadelphia Chocolate Tower Assembly Line
Philly Chocolate Tower Assembly Line
Philadelphia Chocolatier creates a chocolate tower for Christmas
Philadelphia Chocolate Tower Christmas
Philadelphia Chocolate Original Chocolate Tower
All Dark Variation of the Philadelphia Chocolate Tower
Philadelphia Chocolatier creates Halloween Chocolate Towers.
Halloween Philadelphia Chocolate Tower

Why We Love It: Glenn Mueller could go by the name Dr. Chockenstein, because he loves constructing new chocolate-dipped monstrosities to sell from his Reading Terminal Market stand. This stack pulls together a Rice Krispies treat, a chocolate chip cookie, an Oreo, a marshmallow and a peanut-butter cup under a cloak of milk or dark chocolate.

Zagat’s 10 Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts in Philadelphia

A chocolate covered Reese’s peanut butter cup, on top of a chocolate covered marshmallow, on top of a chocolate covered oreo, on top of a chocolate covered chocolate chip cookie, on top of chocolate covered rice krispies treat. I posted this photo on Instagram and all my friends were drooling, wondering where they could get this from! And every bite of it was delicious!

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