So you want to make faster planes and missiles?

So you want to make faster planes and missiles? 

the physics of chocolate
The physics of chocolate mail online image.

Start by dipping theres in chocolate.

Chocolatiers have been working on perfecting the art of creating perfectly coated sweets since the 1600s.

And now a team of researchers have developed a theory and technique to predict the thickness of a shell in order to make it ‘virtually free of noticeable defects’.

They say the study could lead to everything from new drugs to faster planes and missiles.


Getting inspiration from chocolatiers, MIT created a method to predict the thickness of shells. Shells are thicker for larger values of the radius of the mold or initial viscosity of the polymore.

The formula boils down to the following relationships: The larger a mold’s radius, the longer it takes for fluid to flow to the bottom, resulting in a thicker shell; the longer the curing time, the faster the fluid will drain to the bottom, creating a thinner shell.

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Source: The physics of chocolate could lead to super-fast planes and missiles