Dr.Chockenstein: The Man Who Made the Monster!

Dr.Chockenstein: The Man Who Made the Monster comic book.

Throughout the ages, tales of remarkable men have spread through stories. If you have ever played whisper down the lane, you know how stories change from person to person. Grand exaggerations, outrageous assertions, and dramatic retellings can be told to reimage the tale to best spin the narrative. Dr.Chockenstein: The Man Who Made the Monster comic book is our attempt to tell the real story behind the legend.

Comic books and graphic novels are able to tell stories through imagery as well as words. The artwork paints the picture, and the words tell the dialogue. Dr. Chockenstein as a Comic book aims to tell the real story behind the man and his monster.

Dr.Chockenstein: The Man Who Made the Monster comic book will tell the tale of a young man whose whole life was turned upside down by BIG CHOCOLATE. His parents owned a gourmet chocolate shop that was undermined by BIG CHOCOLATE opening down the street and selling chocolate at below the Chockensteins wholesale prices. Slowly but surely all of the Chockenstein's customers started to gravitate towards BIG chocolate bargain prices. The Chockenstein's were forced to close their business and take jobs working for BIG CHOCOLATE. Until their suspicious demise in an enormous tank full of melted chocolate when Big Chocolate Found out their son wouldn't join the company after college.

The Chockenstein's worked very long hours to support their son. They put him through college and he became a very well known and respected Ph.D. His work was coveted by the governments of the world for clandestine military operations and weapons development. He was very successful, but he had a secret life. He had his own laboratory where he worked tirelessly on reanimating and weaponizing chocolate to seek revenge for his parents.

This Comic book mock-up was created by   HuwJ - The creator of Joe Turd's world . 

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