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Surprisingly yes chocolate is Keto friendly

Surprisingly yes, chocolate is Keto friendly. There are some guidelines for eating chocolate on the keto diet. You will want to avoid milk and white chocolate. They both have a higher carbohydrate count due to higher sugar content. Choose dark chocolate instead of at least 72% cocoa. The higher the cocoa content, the less sugar the chocolate contains. The last thing to be aware of is what else is in the chocolate. For instance, if you choose a 72% dark chocolate, but it has caramel, nougat or something crunchy like a biscuit, your healthy chocolate choose is no longer Keto Friendly.

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Is Chocolate Bad for Your Heart?

Is Chocolate Bad for Your Heart? Overall, you shouldn’t expect that eating chocolate will erase the effects of any bad habits that you have. But you can rest assured knowing that cocoa alone is not bad for your heart, and that it does in fact contain healthy substances that can lower your risk of heart disease.   

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How to prepare for coronavirus: have chocolate!

How to prepare for coronavirus: have chocolate. Chocolate is an excellent addition to your emergency food stockpile. Chocolate is very stable and technically doesn't go bad on its own. Plain chocolate wrapped tightly and stored away from heat will last for years (we don't recommend saving chocolate for years). Chocolates containing nuts, caramel, creams, cookies, or pretzels will not go bad either, but the enclosures will. Think of it this way, anything coated in chocolate that can go stale will go stale. 

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