July 21, 2018

A remarkable Chocolate brand inspired by innovation

A remarkable Chocolate brand inspired by innovation

Innovate Chocolate Brand in Philadelphia

A remarkable Chocolate brand inspired by innovation. Dr.Chockenstein® brand chocolate was inspired by the innovative chocolate makers, chocolatiers and candy makers that were once startups in Philadelphia and grew into national brands in the United States.

Pennsylvania’s relationship with chocolate dates to colonial days. Benjamin Franklin sold chocolate at his Philadelphia print shop as early as 1739. In 1757 Benjamin Jackson was selling handmade bars of chocolate at Second and Market Streets in Philadelphia. Philadelphia physician Benjamin Rush touted it for medicinal use. In the nineteenth-century famous chocolate, companies began in the Commonwealth: Whitman, in 1842 in Philadelphia; Wilbur, in 1865 in Philadelphia; and Hershey, in 1894 in Lancaster. Today nearly 80 percent of cocoa beans imported to the United States come through the port of Philadelphia. source

The earliest mention that is made of a confectioner in Philadelphia was in 1765; Abraham Smith conducted a fruit business at that time and sold a few simple candies. In 1800 an advertisement of Bosse’s Ice Cream House, Germantown, appeared in the “Aurora,” date of July 22; syrups, cakes, wines, jellies and a few con- fections were sold. Irving, in “Salmagundi,” in the stranger in Pennsylvania, tells how molasses candy was made in Philadelphia

The most remarkable evidence of the growth of confectionery industry in Philadelphia is the business of Whitman’s, established in 1842 by Stephen F. Whitman.

Source: The Candy Making Industry
in Philadelphia

Two hundred and fifty years after the first confectioners based in Philadelphia kicked off their startups; our team is perpetuating the innovative spirit in another historic building (Reading Terminal). Our Shop is a mile or so west of Ben Franklin’s shop, The Original Whitman’s, and Wilbur’s. Our mission is to carry on the craft in Philadelphia, and hopefully leave a mark on the Chocolate Landscape of this great city. With gratitude we go forth, mixing, stacking, coating, crushing, blending and mutating always giving the proverbial thumbs up to the titans of the Philadelphia Chocolate Scene…. Consciously paying homage to the innovators ~

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.


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