November 16, 2019

Are chocolate bars getting smaller?

Are chocolate bars getting smaller?

Are Chocolate Bars Getting Smaller?

Are Chocolate Bars Getting Smaller?

Chocolate is a beloved treat around the world, and it has become a valuable resource for many manufacturers of chocolate snacks. However, if you are a regular consumer of the delicious food, you might find yourself wondering if your favorite chocolate bars are getting smaller. It’s a common complaint among chocolate lovers worldwide, with many who feel as though they are paying the same price for a bar that is significantly smaller than it used to be. Is it possible that chocolate bars are, in fact, getting smaller? 

The Complaint

Over the years, many consumers have complained that their chocolate bars are getting smaller. It seems to be a widespread belief, especially in Europe and the United States, where chocolate is consumed in large amounts. In fact, 48% of people polled in the US and a whopping 79% of people polled in the UK believe that their chocolate bars are shrinking in size. However, this is not empirical evidence that something is amiss with the chocolate manufacturers. It could be based on highly disseminated rumors that have caused public perception to change. 

This complaint has continued to spread throughout the world, and it has gotten to a point where multiple studies have been to find out if chocolate bars are indeed decreasing in size. However, these studies took place over different periods of time and with different controls, so we will focus on one from 2017 performed in the UK. 

The Results

The study, performed by MoneyGuru, determined that over 2,500 products in the UK have shrunk in size, with chocolate products being highly affected. Some of the biggest chocolate manufacturers have shrunk their bars by up to 17% of the original mass at the beginning of 2017. Economists blame the rising price of cocoa butter, which has been more difficult to procure, making manufacturing more costly. Chocolate producers don’t want to raise their prices, so instead they often opt to cut the size of the bar in hopes that consumers won’t notice. 

Unfortunately, this means that people are paying the same price for a smaller amount of chocolate. It’s a form of inflation, but it is more discreet than a change in price. It still means that the cost of chocolate per ounce is higher than it used to be. The devious nature of the technique has caused some consumers to feel as though they can’t trust these companies any longer. However, if they still want to eat chocolate, they are going to have to accept the higher prices. 

The quality hasn’t declined

If there’s one positive to come from this, it is that the quality of most chocolate products has remained the same. Paying extra may be unfortunate, but it is part of the reality of inflation and scarcity. True chocolate lovers should recognize this and will be willing to pay a little more to ensure that they will always be getting top-notch chocolate whenever they need their fix.

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  • Virginia Coen on April 07, 2022

    My very favorite candy bar is snicker,and boy I noticed the smaller size when I unwrapped my bar today. I read the ounces on the dide package,too.
    So many sneakiy things manufacturers are up to. I do not like beingbtreaked. So, cutting back on chocolate. Have no choice snicker people…

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