February 11, 2018

Could this be the best chocolate beer you ever tasted ?

Could this be the best chocolate beer you ever tasted ?

We had the unbelievable pleasure to collaborate on this Chocolate Stout craft beer with Iron Hill Brewery. If you didn’t know, Iron Hill is one of the most award winning craft breweries in the country. Their list of awards and is so long I had to add a link to it here . We set out to make the worlds best Chocolate Stout beer.

Dr.Chockenstein Chocolate Stout

Lead Brewer Jeff took us under his wing and showed us the ropes of brewing. We started out with the milling process. Jeff selected the perfect combination of grains to send to the mashing tank. There all of the sugars are separated trough the process of lautering using hot water. This creates the Wort. Wort is the sugar and water that was removed from the grains.

Chocolate Stout adding Chocolate to the Beer Brewing

It was super hot in the brewery. As a chocolate guys,we're used to working in much cooler environments so we had to step outside and sample a bunch of beers to cool down.

After Lautering we sent the Wort over to the boiling tank. It takes quite a while to get that much liquid to boil so Jeff made us clean the brewery while we waited. It was pretty hot but I knew the sooner I was done scrubbing the sooner I would be rewarded with more Craft Beer Samples.

I was wrong, because then we had to clean out the grain tank. Jeff informed us that a farmer comes and takes the grain away to use on his farm. These guys have it figured out. They not only have created excellent systems for their beer brewing, they are very environmentally conscience as well.

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