Halloween Safety Tips from Dr. Chockenstein

Halloween Safety Tips from Dr. Chockenstein

Halloween is fast approaching, and the most important thing we're all thinking about is safety. I'm sure all schools are teaching kids about safety, and there are many online resources for safety tips. There are lots of commonsense precautions we can take like never eating the raisins or apples people give you. If you see a grown-up sized Micheal Myers, run home and pack it for the night. Always travel in groups and remember proper trick or treating etiquette. We thought it would be best to add some more tips from Dr. Chockenstein Himself.

When you knock on my door, you better do these things:

YOu better say trick or treat, you better have a joke ready, and you better say thank you. If you don't follow these tips you dramatically decrease your chances of having a record-breaking haul of panhandling candy.


  • When you ring the doorbell, and the door opens, you say, TRICK or TREAT if you don't say trick or treat ill feel threatened by a band of marauders and I might start suplexin and asking questions later. Say trick or treat. 


  • If I say trick, you better have a back pocket speech ready, be able to dance the jig or the very least have a knock-knock joke lined up. Ok, parents, this is a teachable moment, let's not blow it. NO trick lined up? Instead of candy, you may get a full nelson. 


  • When candy leaves my bowl and enters your bag, you say thank you. If you don't say thank you, ill let you go but I will radio ahead to the next house and let them know some ingrates are heading their way, never know what kind of finished moves my neighbors have on the ready they are some kooky people. They might also hide the good stuff and give you a box of rains or an apple. 


Follow these tips and be safe, and always have fun.


Happy Halloween