March 08, 2020

Have you ever wondered if chocolate can be frozen?

Have you ever wondered if chocolate can be frozen?


Have you ever wondered if chocolate can be frozen?

There are many reasons to buy chocolate. Eating chocolate is a pleasurable moment many people like to indulge in. Chocolate is a break from monotony. It is a reward for making it through a tough day or week. Giving chocolate to someone is also a pleasurable experience that produces lots of admiration. Chocolate, however, shouldn't be purchased to store long term, unless you are preparing for the corona virus zombie apocalypse.

The answer to the question of whether chocolate can be frozen is, of course, yes. This doesn't mean you should store chocolate in the freezer. Yes, you can freeze chocolate, but why would you want to? Chocolate should be purchased and consumed in a relatively short period for the best taste and eating pleasure. We are talking about chocolate from your favorite local chocolatier here, not the mass-produced stuff at Costco.

Putting chocolate in the freezer might seem like a good idea, and I guess it is if you are living in a hot climate with no air conditioning. That may be your only chance to use the chocolate later. If this is your situation, then, by all means, freeze it.

There are a couple of reasons why you wouldn't want to store chocolate in the freezer. The first is, it changes the quality of the chocolate. Home freezers and refrigerators have fluctuating humidity levels. If the fridge is in a warm, humid environment, any time, the door opens, the relative humidity will rise. The raising and falling of humidity could make the chocolate perspire. Chocolates' worst enemy is water, so an unstable humidity level will most likely cause some change to the chocolate, usually not a good change.

Freezers often have an odor. No were not saying you have a stinky freezer, but let's be real; most fridges have some scent. Chocolate will absorb odors in a refrigerator and will carry them with them to their final destination, our mouths. The individual consuming the refrigerated chocolate may pick up on the scent either by taste or aroma. Not a good idea to gift your honey sweaty chocolate that smells like Pierogies .

Most of us live in climate-controlled environments. And the best way to store chocolate is at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. We recommend buying chocolate from your favorite local chocolatier or online as close to the time you plan on using it. This isn't always convenient, so if you do have to store chocolate for an extended period of time, we suggest avoiding the freezer and opting for a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight in your home or office.

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