May 23, 2018





You must have heard it from someone that eating chocolates is dangerous for the health of your dog. You might be wondering why a delicacy that tastes so good can be dangerous for your pet, but the truth is that its side effects are harmful. Consumption of chocolate by your pet can make your dog feel uncomfortable and sick. If proper care is not taken and the dog is not offered adequate medical attention, it could lead to its death. This article will inform you why dogs cannot eat chocolate.

Most dog owners have learned about the damaging effects of chocolate on dogs but do not know why chocolate is not an ideal meal for their pets. One of the primary reasons why chocolate is a wrong choice for a dog is that it possesses excess stimulants and fats like methylxanthines which share a striking resemblance with caffeine. These components are enjoyed by humans when consumed but are not healthy for dogs. The amount of methylxanthines determines the rate of damage that it could cause in dogs as different chocolates contain various stimulants and fats. When the amount of methylxanthines consumed by your dog is excessive, the body of the dog will react to the content. This will make the pet vomit continuously; develop irregular heart pulse, seizures, and tremors. Other signs include hyperactivity, extreme urination and thirst, diarrhea and sudden death of the dog.

It is also important to note that the darker chocolate contains more methylxanthine content which makes it more unsafe for your dog. If you are convinced that your dog should eat chocolate, white chocolate should be preferred as it comprises low rations of methylxanthines. It has been proved that chocolate bars that have about four ounces of milk are capable of causing ill-health for your pet. You may have to take the dog to the veterinary doctor for prompt medical attention if you notice the dog has ingested chocolate. You need to understand that consumption of chocolate can also lead to the inflammation of the pancreas which plays a significant role in causing pancreatitis.

For instance, theobromine is a common component usually seen in chocolates and performs similar functions as the caffeine but can be harmful to the health of your dog when consumed in more significant quantities. For every hundred milligrams of theobromine consumed, there is a negative impact on the body mass of your pet.

Consumption of chocolate can have an adverse impact on the kidneys, heart, and the nervous system of the dog. This could also lead to chronic urinating issues, dehydration, and even cause the pet to have a stomach-churning sensation. When these signs are visible, it could make the blood pressure of the dog to be increased. In a case where there is no prompt medical attention, it could lead to a loss of consciousness of your beloved pet.

If you notice some of these symptoms in your dog, there is a likelihood that it has swallowed some chocolates and the effects are beginning to manifest in its body. Ensure you take the dog to your professional vet doctor to save its life.


You may not be around your dog all the time to ensure it does not eat chocolate but if your pet has eaten a chocolate bar, you can follow these steps to help your dog regain its health.

Take your Dog to see a Veterinarian to be sure your dog vomits the chocolate content it has taken into its bowels and give it a water solution that contains activated charcoal. This will help the dog eliminate the harmful chemicals and prevent the ingested components from causing further damage to the other body parts of your dog.


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