March 14, 2020

How to prepare for coronavirus: have chocolate!

How to prepare for coronavirus: have chocolate


How to prepare for coronavirus: have chocolate!

There is no escaping the news of the coronavirus pandemic. Every day there is a new event cancellation email sent. All sporting leagues have suspended their seasons. Schools closed, and parents are working from home. In this time of mass anxiety and routine upheaval, people are planning on hunkering down at home for an unforeseeable future.

If you are like most people, you have started stockpiling food and toiletries. The hysteria over toilet paper alone exemplifies what a S*ity situation this pandemic is. So while you are out raiding the supermarket shelves for the last jar of Ragu think about adding some chocolate to your pantry.

Chocolate is an excellent addition to your emergency food stockpile. Chocolate is very stable and technically doesn't go bad on its own. Plain chocolate wrapped tightly and stored away from heat will last for years (we don't recommend saving chocolate for years). Chocolates containing nuts, caramel, creams, cookies, or pretzels will not go bad either, but the enclosures will. Think of it this way, anything coated in chocolate that can go stale will go stale.

Chocolate has a long history of being a staple in emergency food supplies. Since 1937 Hershey has provided the united states military chocolate bars for soldier field rations. These ration bars served two purposes, morale, and energy. Each bar packed a boost of energy, and a small reward.

To the civilian preparing for a prolonged social emergency, having some chocolate in the pantry is smart planning. Being stuck at home, sheltering in place is tough. Children will get bored after a day or two. Parents can use it as a reward for their kids and themselves. Chocolate in everyday life is a small reward, a moment of peace, and even more so in a time of quarantine.

Do yourself and your family a favor, buy some chocolate for the pantry.

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