February 23, 2022

Is Chocolate Vegan? | DrChockenstein.com

Is Chocolate Vegan? | DrChockenstein.com

Is Chocolate Vegan?

Believe it or not, Yes Chocolate Is Vegan. However its up to you to to do your own research. Veganism is a particular lifestyle choice that includes abstaining from all animal products. Vegan makeup brands are out there that don't test on animals, but they may still contain Carmine (an insect extract). Manufactures may still process vegan food sources with animal products at the factory. Vegan living extends beyond what's consumed! With all of that said, chocolate can fit within Vegan guidelines.

The Vegan Society states the following: "It isn't necessary to use animals or animal products to live a healthy Vegan lifestyle. Many Vegan products are available in supermarkets, health shops, and online."

When you consider if chocolate is Vegan, it's important to remember the Vegan preference of "no animal products." 

The best way to find vegan chocolate is by checking the ingredients. Look for a any animal products, like milk or eggs in your favorite treat, and also labeling stating that the product is Vegan. A typical bar should contain mimimal ingriendents. The less added stuff there is ,the purer it will taste too ya know?

Dark chocolate is a great option for those following the vegan lifestyle. The higher cacao percentage means that there's more of the good stuff in each bite, and you can enjoy it without worrying about any animals getting hurt! Not into super-dark chocolates? Try sampling some with almonds or dried fruit added - they're both vegan friendly options so give them ago while their fresh :-) or there are Vegan milk chocolates that are made with Vegan ingredients which you can find online.

After considering the Vegan lifestyle, chocolate may fit within Vegan guidelines depending on how it is processed and what ingredients are used during production. Veganism doesn't only include the consumption of animal products so while some Vegans may not eat or use chocolate, some choose to. 


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