March 11, 2020

Which chocolate is best for a girl?

Which chocolate is best for a girl?

Which chocolate is best for a girl?

Let's be honest here, folks, girls are not easy to shop for—girls like certain brands, and loath others. They like individual styles, but won't be caught dead in others. Wearing white before memorial day, I'll cut you. I pity the fool that tries to cross that landmine ridden field of women's gift-giving. For this reason, we suggest giving your favorite girl the gift of chocolate. Have you wondered which chocolate is best for a girl? 

First, let's start by saying, giving chocolate is also a dangerous endeavor. For me, I have two daughters and a wife, and they all like different types of chocolate. Being around the girls in your life daily provides loads of intel and trial and error opportunities. Get them the wrong thing on the way home Friday evenings, and you pay for it the whole weekend. Come back with their favorites, and you're living on easy street for a day or two. 

The tricky part is when you are trying to impress a new girl. Bringing her dark chocolate when she only likes white chocolate could be strike one. Bring her precisely the exact chocolate she loves, and you may earn enough brownie points to get a second date.  

Here is what you need to know to get the perfect chocolate for your favorite girl. 

  1. The first thing is, find out what kind of chocolate she likes. There are four types of chocolate. Find out what her favorite is, and don't deviate. Most people are a chocolate type, and they don't stray 
  2. Then find out what kind of items she likes coated in chocolate. Some popular combinations are:
  • Salty and sweet. Usually something crunchy like a potato chip or a pretzel. 
  • Minty, usually something crunchy and minty like a cookie or a candy, or a soft center cream
  • Sweet and sweet, cookies, creams, caramels, toffee or nougat
  • Peanut butter. Peanut butter people are very loyal and are usually fanatical. If your girl mentions peanut butter and chocolate, you've hit the lottery. You will always know what to get. 
  • Fruit and nut. Pretty self-explanatory, certain fruits like strawberries, apricots, oranges, grapes, and any nuts.
  • Filled chocolates or bonbons. This is the higher end of the chocolate world, generally European, with a sophisticated pallet. 

     3. Packaging:

  • Some consumers are very socially responsible and will only buy products that are in green packaging. If your girl falls into this category, seek out biodegradable packaging. Another thing to look for is labeling. Seek out packaging that state fair trade, single-origin, eco-friendly. 

The last thing to consider, but not the least, is where you buy your chocolate. You probably have noticed that chocolate is everywhere any more. So many people sell chocolate, it's disturbing. You should seek out a chocolatier, someone who makes chocolates for a living if you want to give someone a chocolate gift. There is nothing that says thoughtfulness more than a handcrafted gift, and chocolate is a perfect choice. 


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