October 18, 2019

Will chocolate melt in checked in luggage?

Will chocolate melt in checked in luggage?

Will chocolate melt in checked in luggage?

Once there was a man named Bill. Bill had to travel to meet a prospective client in another city and wanted to bring a gift. The town he lived in had a fantastic chocolate shop that was well known. Bill thought it would be the perfect gift, and so he ordered up a box. The next morning Bill packed his box of chocolate in his luggage, and off he went to the airport.

On the ride to the airport, the temperature was moderate, but it was sunny. The luggage was in the back seat of the car, and the sun shined on it the entire trip. When Bill got to the airport, the temperature inside was comfortable. He handed off his luggage and went to his gate, never having a second thought about his client's box of chocolate.

What Bill didn't know was that the luggage hold at the airport had an HVAC issue, and the room was unusually hot. When the luggage left the airport, it sat on the tarmac for 30 min, and the temperature rose to nearly 80 degrees but felt even hotter in the sun. Finally, the luggage and the chocolate were loaded on the plane and took off into the sunny sky.

When Bill arrived at his meeting, he gave his client the box of chocolate. The meeting went great. Everyone seemed to think a deal was forthcoming. The client was so excited and relaxed that he decided to open up the box of chocolate to share with his staff, and that's when things went downhill.

The chocolate had melted and then hardened again, making one gigantic messy block of chocolate. The client and his staff were somewhat disappointed. The mood all changed. Bill lost all the wind in his sails and slumped into his chair. It was not a great scene.

Next time you are going to fly with chocolate, think twice before checking it with your luggage. You have no way to control or even know what temperature the luggage hold of the airport or the airplane is. There is nothing worse than giving a gigantic messy block of chocolate. Don't be a Bill

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