Chocolate Blog

Chocolate Education: We are not educators in an official capacity. However, we are parents, and we believe that successful education depends on engagement. The subject of chocolate is instantly engaging and fun, and because of the instant buy-in from students, many other lessons can seamlessly integrate. Chocolate is the perfect segway into many topics, including but limited to (chemistry, math, economics, and history. If appropriately planned, using chocolate as the anchor for a lesson plan can engage a class the week before, the week of, and the week after. Kids perform their best when they anticipate something fun, especially if they know they'll get rewarded in the end with chocolate they either make or earn. It's just a fact; chocolate works excellent as an educational tool. 

Chocolate Resource: We take pride in being a chocolate resource. 

Have you ever wondered what is white chocolate? Has a child or loved one ever frantically scoured the internet to find out if cats can eat chocolate? Did you ever want to create a chocolate dessert but had no clue How to temper chocolate? No need to scour the internet. We are constantly adding new posts, some short, some longer, to address your questions. We take the guesswork out of your chocolate questions. 

Chocolate History/Technique: We find the history of chocolate making fascinating. The industry is changing rapidly, but the tried and true techniques remain the same. What was once done by six people is now done by an innovative machine. Eventually, AI and robotics will reduce that further. Along the way, small and midsize chocolate companies are still producing chocolates locally. Chocolate makers are becoming more prevalent. We aim to keep you informed as we innovate, adapt, and improvise our way through this period of chocolate history.