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  • Why chocolate turns white

    Why chocolate turns white

    Why chocolate turns white? Chocolate is a complicated creation. Although tempering chocolate is a scientific process, even the best chocolate manufactures with world-class food scientists still get it wrong sometimes. When they get it wrong, the chocolate turns white, as does the badly tempered chocolate of your favorite local chocolatier. 


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  • Why chocolate coins at Christmas?

    A Delectable Gift: Discovering the History of Chocolate Coins at Christmas | Dr Chockenstein

    You may be surprised to learn that giving children chocolate coins around the holidays is a tradition that started in the 16th century. This tradition began shortly after chocolate was introduced to Europe. Legend has it the tradition of giving chocolate coins was inspired by the deeds of Saint Nicholas in the fourth century. 


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  • Will chocolate burn in the oven

    Will chocolate burn in the oven
    When you insert your cookies or cake into a 350-degree oven, although chocolate can burn at 115, the radiant heat will slowly raise the temperature of your perfectly spooned out balls of delicious glory over time.
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  • How artificial intelligence is changing the confectionery business?

    How artificial intelligence is changing the confectionery business

    Artificial intelligence has become the talk of the town nowadays. It is changing the way businesses operate for the better and many of them have started to incorporate the technology in their businesses. statistics show that businesses and industries are ready for the adoption of this technology ranging from multinationals to small-scale chocolate businesses. 


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  • Are chocolate bars getting smaller?

    Are chocolate bars getting smaller?

    you might find yourself wondering if your favorite chocolate bars are getting smaller. It’s a common complaint among chocolate lovers worldwide, with many who feel as though they are paying the same price for a bar that is significantly smaller than it used to be. Is it possible that chocolate bars are, in fact, getting smaller? 


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