Dr.Chockenstein's Monster

 Dr.Chockenstein's Monster

He had an idea to try it with chocolate.
With an electrode and a droplet
A spark and lock-nut
The chocolate monster was born

Join young Theodor Von Chockenstein as he uses his imagination, innovation, and creativity to save the town's chocolate factory and his family's honor.

Everyday young Theodor would make chocolate with his family in their chocolate shop. Their chocolates were loved by one and all and life was good for the Chockensteins. Their shop was one of the most popular places on the main street, and people would travel to visit them.

Until one day, a big giant chocolate factory opened in their town. The Factory could make chocolates all day and even all night with robots and machines. Since they were making so much chocolate, a railroad and highways had to be built. The town was changing really fast, and the main street was suffering.

Because of that, the Chockenstein's had to close their shop, and take jobs at the new Factory. Their once happy life was now sorrowful and unpleasant. Their days were filled with long hours of uncreative work.

Because of this, Theodor felt that there had to be a way to change this situation. He knew that he had to find a way to win back the town from the big Factory. So he left one day on a ship to learn all he could by sailing around the world and meeting new people.

Until finally he met an old man in a faraway land who taught him how to reanimate rotten fruit with electricity. Once he learned all he could from the wise old man, he traveled home to try his new science on chocolate. And his friendly chocolate monster was born.

Ever since then, he was able to reopen his chocolate shop, and more people than ever would travel to his shop to see the chocolate monster. And his family was happy once again.

In the end, he learns a valuable lesson about never giving up.

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