He had an idea to try it with chocolate.
With an electrode and a droplet
A spark and lock-nut
The chocolate monster was born

In the town of Zuckerfluss, a boy named Theodore lives with his family above their chocolate shop. Life was good for the chocolatiers until one day, a large chocolate factory opened nearby. It forced Theodore and his family to close their shop. Being a problem solver, Theodore sets out to find a way to help his family reopen their shop. Boys and girls will love the engaging storyline of a determined child who decides to find a solution to the family's problem by creating a chocolate monster. Theodore uses his talent of "invention," which was a little frustrating for his family at the beginning of the story to develop the chocolate monster. Theodore's talent could seem "frustrating" for parents to deal with, later becomes an asset! Suspense is created in the story as Theodore and Chockenstein try to "save the day. "The story also sheds light on good family values. . . helping the family, having empathy, and spending time together, etc. The story is nicely "tied up" at the end with Theodore and Chockenstein being recognized for their efforts.

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